Mission Child

A stunning and provocative spiritual odyssey reminiscent of the best work of Margaret Atwood and Ursula K. Le Guin, “Mission Child is a powerful fable, a stirring adventure, and a profoundly moving portrait of a lost woman in search of an identity as she walks the narrow fault line dividing female and male, child and adult, dark reality and illuminated …             More

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PilgrimFred Saberhagen; WorldCat•LibraryThing•Google Books•BookFinder Who is Pilgrim? Tom Scheffler and Jerry Flint are going to find out the hard way, because the mysterious Pilgrim is going to have them fighting for their lives centuries, millennia before they were born. Pilgrim is the rogue time traveler trying to change the course of history for his own ends. And even if the …             More

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Riddle Master of Hed

The Riddle-Master of HedPatricia A. McKillip; WorldCat•LibraryThing•Google Books•BookFinder Long ago, the wizards had vanished from the world, and all knowledge was left hidden in riddles. Morgon, prince of the simple farmers of Hed, proved himself a master of such riddles when he staked his life to win a crown from the dead Lord of Aum. — But now ancient, evil …             More

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Cauldron; WorldCat•LibraryThing•Google Books•BookFinder The author of Red Phoenix and Vortex outdoes himself–with an epic adventure straight out of tomorrow’s headlines. When France and Germany unite against America, Britain and the Eastern European democracies, the former Soviet Union is caught in the middle of a trade war that turns into a shooting war. With his pulse-racing, bestselling novels, Larry Bond has …             More

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Ringworld Throne

The Ringworld throneLarry Niven; WorldCat•Read Online•LibraryThing•Google Books•BookFinder Come back to the Ringworld . . . the most astonishing feat of engineering ever encountered. A place of untold technological wonders, home to a myriad humanoid races, and world of some of the most beloved science fiction stories ever written! The human, Louis Wu; the puppeteer known as the Hindmost; Acolyte, son …             More

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